Start trial lessons on Monday 3 January

Trial lessons from 3 January 2022

Most people find it difficult to imagine what fencing exactly is. For this reason, it is possible to follow trial lessons at AEW. Following a single lesson is not possible due to past experience showing that a single lesson does not convey a proper impression of what fencing really is.


Youths 17 and younger

Almost every first Monday of the month a series of trial lessons start, see the calendar for the exact dates. For following the trial lessons we ask for a contribution of € 30,-. This covers the use of the necessary equipment (weapon and protective clothing). In addition to this € 5,- must be paid to cover the sports insurance of the fencing-federation KNAS. The trail lessons span a duration of a month to 5 weeks.



If you already have experience with fencing, you can try out the club for the duration of a month to 5 weeks, to see how you like the atmosphere at AEW and if the club fits you. In practicality, it is possible to start at any time. The costs are € 35,- covering equipment and KNAS insurance.


HBO and university students get a 50% reduction on the equipment costs, not on the € 5,- insurance.


For more information or a sign-up form please send an email to: