Start senior trial course on Thursday 9 September 2021

Because most people find it difficult to imagine what fencing exactly is, AEW offers trial lessons to try out fencing over an extended period. It is not possible to try a single lesson, past experiences have shown that a single lesson does not provide a good image of what fencing exactly is.

Seniors from 18 and older

Experience shows that adults typically prefer to have more time to try and learn the basic skills of fencing. To accommodate this we offer the option of a 10-week trial lesson period. By paying € 55,- costs for equipment and sports insurance at the KNAS are covered. These trial lessons start on the first Thursday of September, November, February, and April. Signing up can also be done with the Sportpas from the Leiden municipality


Those who already have experience with fencing can choose to go for a 5-week trial program. This is to see if the atmosphere of the club fits them. These trial memberships can start at any time and cost € 35,-. This covers the sports insurance and possible use of equipment.


HBO and university students get a 50% reduction on the trial lessons. Not on the € 5,- insurance.