Junior fencing

AEW Fencing Club has a large number of young fencers across different age categories. From the age of 6 years old children fence on piste (strip). Younger children may, depending on their physical development. Juniors’ training is held on Mondays in two separate age groups (see training hours). On Thursdays all age groups fence together. Starting in 2011 the youngest age group fence on Mondays using the epée. The older (11+) juniors fence on Mondays either with foil, epée or sabre. Members who prefer sabre are welcome to join the Thursdays session. On that day all members can fence with all weapons.

Rent or buy

The club lets foil and sabre equipment to novice fencers. The younger age groups can also rent (electric) epée kit from the Club. Other electrical equipment must be purchased. The club can order the required equipment for you for a very competitive price.


During the free fencing sessions on Thursday and after lessons on Mondays fencers will engage in bouts under the supervision of the maître and other club members, where fencers can test themselves against their opponents. The main objective is to practice the techniques learnt. Real competition takes place during the Club championships. These tournaments are held for all weapons, even for the junior fencers. More and more the junior members take part in various tournaments organised for juniors:

Jeugd Punten Toernooi (Junior Points Tournament)

The Jeugd punten toernooi is a recreational and fun fencing competition for juniors from under the age of 18. For most junior fencers it their first taste of competing  outside the club. It is an ideal venue for beginners. The enthusiasm for fencing usually increases after they have participated to these tournaments.

The Jeugd Punten Toernooi is held 10 times per year. The points you earn are added up over the year by counting bouts and all touches made. You receive a certificate for the point you’ve won and at 1000, 2000 and 3000 even a patch to sew on your vest. The rules for the tournament can be found here (in Dutch)

Would you be interested in participating?
You can find information on the Fencing Club Almere website. If you want enter this competition, please contact Emiel during training, or send an email to the youth commissioner.