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Trial lessons

A.E.W. Fencing offers the interested fencer the opportunity to take 1 month of trial lessons € 30, – (including hiring the fencing equipment) plus €5 for insurance (this is outside the student discount). Payment has to be made before attending the first lesson. You are Always welcome to have a look first to get a feeling of the atmoshere.

 The trial period allows the novice fencer to get acquainted with the different weapons and the basics fencing positions. Together with lesson by the maître the fencer has the opportunity to fence with experienced fencers who can help him/her to focus on specific areas of improvement. The trial lessons start on the first Monday of the month. The start dates are also listed in the club calendar on the right hand side of this page.

More information is also available in the information brochure complete with a  sign-up form. Or you sign-up sending an email to the secretary (for seniors) or to the youth commissioner (for juniors).commissioner (for juniors).


AEW offers, in cooperation with Leiden Sportbedrijf, an introductory course for adults as well as pupils(10-14). The rental cost for equipment (mask, fencing outfit, glove and weapon) is included.

  • The course for adults costs € 65,-. This includes the use of equipment (mask, fencing outfit, glove and weapon) for 2 months. and €5 insurance  HBO/WO students get a 50% discount.
  • The times are from 20:30 to 22:00. For course start dates check the agenda.
  • The course for pupils costs € 25,-. This course begins in January. Check Sportbedrijf Leiden for more info.

You can register for these courses only through the Sportpas Leiden.


After completion of the trial lessons and/or courses A.E.W. Fencing will gladly welcome the novice as a new member. At the beginning of the trial lessons all participants (parents, in case of juniors) will receive an information pamphlet and an application form. The application form must, duly completed, be submitted to one of the committee members at the end of the course.

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