AEW offers its members the opportunity to fence and/or train on two evenings every week, and on test themselves against other club members in friendly bouts.

Those with more a competitive streak can take part in various tournaments. These are available for all levels and all ages and members are free to choose whether and in which tournaments they will participate. AEW Fencing strongly encourages its members to enter themselves in tournamants.

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There are various rankings in which the ranking is based on the individual tournament results:


  • The junior points tournament has its own ranking
  • In the KNAS ranking lists all the results of the KNAS members attending national and international tournaments are listed. Results achieved in recreational and invitation tournaments are not taken into consideration for the KNAS ranking.
  • The results achieved within the KNAS Cup competitions count toward the KNAS-Cup. In addition, the eight highest placed qualify for the Dutch National Championships.
  • The FIE ranking list is the results of World Cup title and international tournaments (World Cup, Olympics)

Entering a competition

The current tournaments’ calendar can be found on the Nahouw website.  The site displays all competitions, national and international, in which the fencers of different ages and categories can participate.

Enrolling in a competion is always done through the club. Reasoning behind is that the Club generally has to make available one referee every four participants. Otherwise the fencer could either not be allowed to participate or the club has to pay a fine up to € 100, –.


To register for a competition, the following rules apply:

  • For the Junior Points Tournament  please apply with the Youth Commissioner ( The Youth Commissioner then forwards the application to the organising club.
  • For other competitions it is necessary to register via the Nahouw site (see above), unless it is indicated on that website that this is not possible.

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  • If registration to the tournaments is not possible via the Nahouw site (e.g. the annual ESTEC tournament) then the application should be submitted directly to