Fencing is a relatively safe sport. An important part of the safety of the sport is the use of appropriate protective clothing and the quality of the weapons. AEW ensures that proper equipment is used during training and practice bouts. Competitions have more stringent requirements and the fencer is allowed to participate only if all the equipment conforms to the minimum requirements set by the tournament organisers.

Members can rent the appropriate protective clothing and weapons from the Club. This equipment is of sufficient quality to be able to participate in training. Suitable competition equipment is also available for rent, but only to a limited extent. AEW encourages its members to purchase their own equipment. Equipment for electric fencing (weapons, body wire, electric vest and mask with electric bib) will need to be acquired by members themselves.

Equipment Requirements

The equipment requirements are different for different age groups. The safety level of the equipment is expressed in Newton (N) as the force that can be withstood per cm². The table below shows the current requirements for the official matches.

Category Mask Under Vest Vest/ Pants Floret/ Epée Sabre
Kuikens 350 N 800 N 350 N Normal (mt. 0) Normal (mt. 0)
Benjamins 350 N 800 N 350 N Normal (mt. 0) Normal (mt. 0)
Pupils 1600 N 800 N 800 N Normal (mt 5) S2000+
Cadets 1600 N 800 N 800 N FIE Maraging S2000+
Juniors 1600 N 800 N 800 N FIE Maraging S2000+
Seniors 1600 N 800 N 800 N FIE Maraging S2000+

(Source tabel: KNAS, state May 9, 2008)

Buying equipment

If you decide to purchase your own equipment you can ask the committee members or the maître for advice. The A.E.W. armourer can also9 purchase the equipment for you at a favourablre rate. Additionally they are shop at bigger tournaments. When you purchase the equipment yourself, please take the KNAS requirements into account.

Renting equipment

Members have the option to rent equipment. You can rent a complete outfit or just what you need. The Club strives always to have enough stock available that meets the Club standards. Senior members can rent for a maximum of 6 months.

Below please find the quarterly rates for equipment rental from 01-01-2014:





up to Benjamins

€ 5,10

from Pupils
and above

€ 10,05


until Benjamins

€ 7,50

from Pupils
and above

€ 15,00


until Benjamins

€ 10,05

  from Pupils

and above

€ 18,00


€ 2,55

Electric Vest

€ 17,10

Weapons Price
Foil € 13,50
Epée € 15,00
Sabre € 12,60
Competition weapons* € 10,00

 * Renting a weapon for tournament use

Included in the price is the maintenance of the equipment (with normal use) except for washing. It is not possible to rent (electric) tournament equipment from the club.

A separate invoice for the rental fee will be sent with quarterly.