Training plan

AEW offers its members the possibility to fence and/or train on two evenings a week. For non-members trial lessons are offered throughout the year. If you wish to know more about trial lessons please visit our ‘Get into Fencing‘ page.


The session starts with a warm-up, fitness and stretching excercises. Once the athletes’ muscles are warm the fencing lessons start.The maître (fencing master) teaches basic positions, attacks and parries. When the maître is absent one or more senior Club members will lead the training on his behalf.

The training continues with individual lessons, where the maître helps fencers to further develop in specific areas. The other fencers will engage in bouts under the supervision of club members, to practice the techniques learnt. During the bouts fencers will serve also as referees, to better learn and apply the rules. Fencers who regularly compete in tournaments are given extra attention by the maître.

Each age group can include beginners and advanced fencers. This means that there are no separate groups for the beginners. Beginners train during the regular training hours.