Joining the club
If you are interested in fencing, join us! Membership of our club offers you the opportunity to practice this beautiful sport. read more about membership»

Training times and location
Trainings take place in the gymnasium of the Leo Kannerschool, the Hazenboslaan 101 in Oegstgeest. Club nights  are on Mondays and Thursdays.  read more about club nights and location»


Fencing club A.E.W. was founded on July 1st 1924 which makes it one of the oldest sports clubs in Leiden. The goal of the club is to promote the sport of fencing in the region. To that effect we offer our members the opportunity to follow the fencing training  and practicing the sport during friendly bouts .  read more about A.E.W.»

About Fencing 

Fencing is a sport with a long history. It is a sport where technique, speed and tactics are decisive. This means that fencing  is suitable for all age groups. You can fence at the top level, where there are world championships for ages up to and including 70+. This makes the fencing truly the sport for young and old. There are three different weapons wich you can choose from: foil, epee and sabre. For each weapon the rules are slghtly more about fencing»