Recognition challenge trophy

Many things at the Leiden fencing association A.E.W. would not be possible without volunteers. As a  rule, these are voluntary members of the association. Yet non-members are regularly considered for the association of the committee.

And when a non-member contributes in an extraordinary way, commitment to the  association or the committee it can qualify for the prize “Recognition of special services for non-  members”. In this way, the association concerned to express its appreciation for their efforts.



The prize is an intensively used by recreation table which is derived from an old fencer of the association, Ad Kouwenberg.

Awards Committee

The prize is awarded by the committee.

Additional Documentation

In addition to the award itself, the winner will also be awarded a certificate. It states the reason for granting the award, year and signatures of the committee members.





2007 Zan Peters

Assisting the maître during training and repairing equipment of the association and its members.

2008 not awarded  
2009 Rudolph Francis

The enthusiastic performance of his internship for his training as maître.



not awarded
2011 Caroline Koolen en Erica Lancel Their efforts at club championships and act as a sounding board for management.


Awarding Period

The prize is awarded maximal once a year. It is also possible that the prize is not awarded one year.

Award Ceremony

At the duration of Ceremony for Annual General Meeting. The prize is awarded by the President or his deputy.


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