Fencing Tournaments

Tournaments eligible for everyone

Tournaments are eligible for all levels and all ages. Our idea is to draw attention with all the possibilities, also for novice and less experienced (youth) fencers.

Junior Tournament Points

This is a cycle of recreational competitions for juniors. You can immediately participate once you are a member. The junior points tournament is the only tournament where you (for foil or saber) can also participate in, even thought you don’t own electrical equipment yet.

The points earned here count only for this tournament, not for the national rankings. You get diplomas for every 250 points obtained (every 500 above 1000) and a nice badge on your sleeve at 1000, 2000 and 3000 points.

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Ferrum Vetum

This is a cycle of competitions for all fencers from 40 years in the Netherlands or abroad. The results will count for the national veteran rankings . The level varies greatly from former top fencers to older beginners, so it is interesting for each level. Registration for the Ferrum Vetum is done via the Nahouw.

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Ferrum Vetum Futuri

This is a new initiative of the KNAS and consists of a cycle of recreational competitions especially for novice and less experienced senior fencers. Fencers with high national rankings are excluded. The results only count for their own rankings. You can register to participate through the Nahouw.

Tournament invitation

These are recreational tournaments only open to associations invited by the organizing club. Examples are the tournament ESTEC (Noordwijk) and the Ascension Tournament (Veldhoven). Because they are not open tournaments, the results do not count for the national rankings. Top fencers therefore often prefer an international tournament, but for beginners and less experienced fencers this kind of tournament is ideal.

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