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We are always happy to welcome a new member in our club. Whether an experienced fencer, or a novice fencer who has just completed the trial lessons or theory course. You can register as a new member by phone, mail or (preferably) by email to the secretary.

Mail to:

After your registration you will be asked to complete and sign the application form. In it you sign that you understand our safety regulations. Once you join, you will receive the secretary of our ‘statuten’ and ‘club rules’.

Terminating membership

Termination of membership is only from 1 January or 1 July of each calendar year and only in writing or by e-mail to the secretary. This should be done no later than one month in advance (IE before December 1 and June 1). Say you are late, then you will remain at least six months longer a member and then also make your contribution payable over six years. This rule we use because otherwise we run too great a risk that we can not pay the room rent.

Membership can be terminated from 1 January or 1 July of each calendar year and only in writing or by e-mail to the secretary. This should be done no later than one month prior the membership termination (e.g. before December 1 and June 1). If you are late notifying, then your membership will continue until the next termination date. This rule is in place to mitigate the risk that the Club would not be able to fulfil its financial obligations (e.g. sport hall rent, equipment purchase / maintenance, etc.).


The cost of membership for AEW and the fee for the KNAS for the different age groups are as follows (from 01-01-2021):

Category Age*) A.E.W. contribution  per year A.E.W. contribution for a year incl. 8% discount**) (rounded) KNAS contribution  for a year***)
Youth members  – 14 years € 222,00 € 202,40 € 30,38
Junior members 15 – 19 years € 247,00 € 227,24 € 30,38
Senior members 20 years and older € 267,00 € 245,64 € 30,38
(up to 20 years old)
€ 60,75
(21 years old and above)
students WO/HBO N/A € 133,50 € 122,82 see under your age group (no discount)
*) Calculation date for age is 1 January.
**) The 8% discount per year is only at advance payment.
***) Membership for the KNAS is mandatory for members of A.E.W. Upon registration after July 1, the cost is half of the annual amount.

You will receive an invoice from the treasurer  for the membership fee and KNAS Membership. The first invoice will cover the time from becoming a member until 1 July of 1 January.


Fees can be charged for late payments.

We are obligated to pay the rent for the fencing hall in advance.

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