Maître Theo van Leeuwen cup

De Theo van Leeuwen Challenge is a prize awarded to a youthful fencer(st), to encourage them to develop further through training and participating in national and international competitions in the Netherlands and abroad. The association hopes that the name of the association will be propagated in a sporting and representative way with the results obtained.


The cup was donated by maître Th.N.H. Lions during his time at AEW. It is a large metal cup on wooden base. The names of the winners are engraved.

Awards Committee

The award committee for the incentive consists of a committee member, one member and the maître.


Awarding Period

The prize is awarded each year if the maître sees sufficient reason for it. It is possible that the prize is not awarded one year.



Award Ceremony

With time allotment during Club Championships, end of calendar year, or (usually) at the Annual General Meeting. The prize is awarded by the maître or the President.


Additional Documentation

In addition to the award itself, the winner will also be awarded a certificate. It states the reason for granting the award year and signatures of the committee members.




2001 Mario Rodenburg
2002 Sander te Kronnie
2004 Mario Rodenburg
2005 Johan Veerman
2006 Margot van den Berg
2007 Raphaël Meijer
2008 Sander Wojcik
2009 Sanne Hendriks
2010 Levy van Winden
2011 Carmen Berends

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