Jaap Hoff Dutch Veteran Champion

In the weekend of 16 and February 17, 2008 the Dutch Veterans Champions took place in the fencing Centrum Arnhem. This gave Peter Rodenburg and  Jaap Hoff (early on came this year LUSV) for A.E.W. Sunday acte de presence in the section Men’s Epee.
In a field of 18 participants, the preliminaries were first fencers the tableau for the overall championship Veterans. Piet placed at second place and Jaap seventh. In the quarter-finals proved Kees Boon (later general champion veterans) too strong for Jaap Baars and Jos (the other finalist) just a little too strong for Piet.
Piet and Jaap then fenced with six other participants for the title in the category of 50 -59 years. Gerrit Beekhuizen appeared in the quarterfinals cool blooded against Piet (10/9), but Jaap managed to beat him in the final (10/8). This is how Jaap got the honor to be crowned for a period of one year with the title:

Dutch Men’s Epée Champion 50 -59 years

We hereby congratulate Jaap with this fine performance.
If you want to read all the results again, you can download them here.

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