De D.J. Verzijden Saber

The DJ. Verzijden saber is a challenge trophy which is awarded in recognition of a member who passed by results in national and international competitions, called in the name of the association honor.


The prize is a sword mounted on a board with green fabric. The names of the members to whom the award has been given in the past are on plates with inscription. This sword was donated to the association by former member D.J. Verzijden.

Dirk Jan Verzijden was an excellent fencer, especially with the weapon saber. Except members of AEW he was also a member of the Leiden Police fencing federation. In everyday life, Mr. Verzijden worked with the police, where he was superintendent. In addition to his commitment to AEW he was for some time president of the Dutch Police Sports Federation. Due to the origin of the saber, it is also called the “police saber”.

Awards Committee

The prize is awarded by the members of the committee.

Awarding Period

The prize will be awarded not more than once a year. It is also possible that the prize is not awarded one year.

Award Ceremony

With time allotment during Club Championships, end of calendar year, or (usually) at the Annual General Meeting. The prize is awarded by the President or his deputy.



Additional Documentation

In addition to the award itself, the winner will also be awarded a certificate. It states the reason for granting the award and signatures of committee members.




2000 Joost Belier
2005 Mario Rodenburg
2006 Mario Rodenburg
2007 Joanna Plucinsca
2008 Degenteam Heren: Carlo Rutjes, Peter Bijker, Edwin Treffers, Levy van Winden
2009 Damesteam Degen: Sanne Hendriks, Liesbeth de Bruin, Carmen Berends, Amber Hoogendoorn.
2010 Carmen Berends
2011 Edwin Treffers










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