Floret Club Championships 2009

On Monday, May 25th, 2009 the floret club championships were held in the various categories.

This year the Kuikens (1999 and later) and Benjamin (1997 and later) joined. In one semifinal the 9-year-old Thomas Lugtenburg won surprising of the three year old Tristan Theirlynck (both from Oegstgeest). In the other semi-final could be peer Feiko de Vries from Leiden not repeat that against the experienced and reigning club champion Thijs Burema of Voorschoten. In the small final against Tristan Feiko he managed to secure 3rd place. In the finals between Thijs and Thomas made Thijs experience again decisive, with which he won the first prize, the second consecutive year.
The pupils (1995 and later) at the semifinals experienced representatives from across the region. Benjamin Claudel from Wassenaar was showed some more experience deficit against Kevin Toussaint from Oegstgeest. The difference in the other semifinal between Sam Hooff from Noordwijkerhout and Luke Koppen  from Leiden was only one hit in favor of Sam. In the game for 3rd place Lucas had little trouble with the not so long fencing Benjamin. In the final of Kevin long fight experience also proved to be decisive and after an initial lag grabbed the title at the pupils at the expense of Sam.

Cadets (1992 and later) were Sander Wojcik from Leiden and Daisy Dobbelaar from Roosendaal and most experienced fencers favorite by far. Both reached the semifinals without losing a match, where they managed to win convincingly respectively. Sanne Hendriks from Leidschendam and Mark v.d. Velde from Oegstgeest. In the match for 3rd place Sanne was clearly more skilled than Mark. The high quality and exciting final showed cold blooded Daisy as she grabbed the title leaving Sander satisfied with the 2nd place.

Daisy and Sander subsequently took part in the competition among seniors. Sander, like his father Emiel, reached the semifinals. The oldest Wojcik had small chance against reigning club champion (and Dutch champion of the veterans epée) Edwin Hits from The Hague. The youngest was matched against Marten Hamelink from Leiden with the smallest difference (5-4) through to the final.

In the game for 3rd place Marten had little trouble with the older Wojcik. The finale showed the confrontation between young and old to be a war of attrition in which Sander Wojcik managed to reduce an initial 3-0 deficit to 4-3. In an effort to make a draw, he took too much risk and the experienced Edwin Matches took immediate advantage that decided the match.

During the club championships Sander Wojcik de Maître Theo van Leeuwen incentive prize was awarded from the hands of President Egmond van Rijn. This challenge trophy, named after the maître that was connected very long time with AEW, is awarded annually to a talented young fencers to encourage them to further develop this talent by participating in national and international competitions.

The final results are below. The full championship results can be found through the following links:

  • Preliminaries
  • Eliminations
  • Final Results

More pictures of the club championships are on the  Skydrive from AEW.

Kuikens and Benjamins Pupils Cadets Juniors and Seniors
1 Thijs Burema

2 Thomas Lugtenburg

3 Tristan Theirlynck

4 Feiko de Vries

5 Wessel den Hartog

6 Alec Baars

7 Isaura Sizoo

8 Daniël Tibben

9 Tom Kuivenhoven

10 Hugo Curwiel

1 Kevin Toussaint

2 Sam van Hooff

3 Lucas Koppen

4 Benjamin Claudel

1 Daisy Dobbelaar

2 Sander Wojcik

3 Sanne Hendriks

4 Mark van der Velde

1 Edwin Treffers

2 Sander Wojcik

3 Marten Hamelink

4 Emiel Wojcik

5 Daisy Dobbelaar

6 Piet Rodenburg

7 Egmond van Rijn

8 Bob Hoogeboom

9 Hans Schouffoer

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