About A.E.W.

The Club

Leiden fencing A.E.W. (Attack and Parry) was established on July 1, 1924 and is one of the oldest sports clubs in Leiden. At our club fencing can be practiced by men, women, boys and girls. In short: everyone from 6 years to nwards. The members are divided into three categories:

  • youth (6-14 years),
  • juniors (15-19 years) and
  • seniors (20 years and older).

Currently, our youngest member is seven years, our oldest 80. The training classes are taught by a certified trainer: the maître.

We fence using the three different weapons; both electric and non-electric.

The weapons

Fencing is done using three different weapons: foil, epée and sabre. The foil is a thrusting weapon with the following target surface: the torso and shoulders of the opponent. The epée is a thrusting weapon with the target surface: the whole body. The saber is a melee weapon with the target surface: the upper body and head.